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February 07 2018

FOSDEM and Fedora
Call for Outreachy mentors for Summer 2018
What is the next step in Anaconda modularization?
What is the place for one-on-one communication in open-source?
Episode 81 - Autosploit, bug bounties, and the future of security

February 06 2018

F27-20180204 Updated isos released
This blog has moved
NUC cluster bring-up
Hidden gem of Fedora: virt-builder

February 05 2018

Brussels, FOSDEM, and the humans.
More Pi Backup
DevConf 2018
En hivers met tes chaussettes
Getting Started with the openbox windows manager in Fedora

February 04 2018

Gdgsdhfgdjghdsg fksdghfsd f
Привет, мир!
Building Container Images with Buildah and Ansible

February 03 2018

Minecraft, Python and Fedora
Pics from the FOSDEM SiFive talk
SiFive unleashed board
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