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October 27 2017

Getting a Virtual Machine’s IP Address from virsh
Cómo ser aún más anónimo en línea.
Ansible package moved from EPEL to extras
Fallback to default values for NULL columns in Rust SQLite
GNOME Shell Overview improvements in Fedora 27 Workstation

October 26 2017

What is libwacom? A library to describe graphics tablets
Collecting syslog-ng statistics to Graphite
GTK talk at UNAC

October 25 2017

Nobody else cares about privacy! (Umm, yes they do.)
Chrome Dev Summit 2017
What have I been doing lately?
In Satellite server, Organization != Organization_ID
Typeset your docs with LaTeX and TeXstudio on Fedora
Jabra joins the LVFS

October 24 2017

My password keeps me safe. (Not necessarily!)
Episode 67 - Cyber won
Latinoware 2017 Event Report

October 23 2017

All Systems Go! 2017 Videos Online!
Attending and Speaking at GNOME.Asia 2017 Summit
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