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June 13 2018

Locks in the classroom – 2018
FESCo Election: Interview with Till Maas (till)
Flatpak in detail
Fedora 28 on Raspberry Pi 3 B+
libinput and its device quirks files

June 12 2018

[Week 4] GSoC Status Report for Fedora App: Amitosh
Gestión y administración de usuari@s y grupos en Linux
Fingerprint reader support, the second coming
Bodhi 3.8.1 released
GLPI version 9.3
Happiness Packets and Fedora GSoC 2018
[F29] Participez à la journée de test consacrée au noyau Linux 4.17

June 11 2018

All systems go
Major service disruption
New badge: Fedora Podcast Interviewee !
New badge: LinuxCon Beijing 2018 !
Khaled Monsoor: How Do You Fedora?
2018 May Elections to FESCo: Interviews
[Week 4] GSoC Status Report for Fedora App: Abhishek
Home Theatre!
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