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February 26 2017

OPPP: the Laser Fist of Heaven

February 25 2017

Old Project Progress Pictures: The Laser Fist of Heaven
Install Adobe Flash Player 24 on Fedora 25
I am a Cranky, White, Male Feminist
Secure your system with SELinux
George makes it his own

February 24 2017

Debugging a kernel in QEMU/libvirt - Part II
Gitlab, Pelican and Let’s Encrypt for a secure blog
LinuXatUSIL – Previas 2 for #LinuxPlaya
SHA-1 is dead, long live SHA-1!

February 23 2017

I have not disappeared!
xchat fliegt aus Fedora und wird von hexchat ersetzt
Some stats about our dist-git usage
Factory 2, Sprint 10
Factory 2, Sprint
Additional PHP packages for RHSCL
3 mind mapping tools in Fedora
gparted 0.28.1
Rawhide notes from the trail, 2017-02-22
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