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May 24 2017

Canaries in a coal mine (apropos nothing)
Best password management tool.
Formatting a new extFAT USB on Fedora
Getting started with helm on OpenShift
Exploring OpenShift RBAC
Modularity update – sprint 30
Those who helped turning the Higgs boson from theory to reality
Rootconf/Devconf 2017

May 23 2017

Fedora Join meeting - 22 May 2017 - Summary and updates
Fedora was at PyCon SK 2017
The tool Noodl for design and web development.
Participez à la journée de test consacrée à l'internationalisation
Improved high DPI display support in the pipeline
PHP Tour - Nantes 2017
Fixing Bug 96869
xinput list shows a "xwayland-pointer" device but not my real devices and what to do about it

May 22 2017

The importance of reproducible bug reports
Updating Logitech Hardware on Linux
UDisks to build on libblockdev!?
FLOSS - the scary monster?
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