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September 17 2017

7005 a7de
Experimenting with a Personal Fedora Atomic and OpenShift Origin Server
Test Days: Internationalization (i18n) features for Fedora 27
Bilan mensuel de la documentation francophone de Fedora-fr.org, numéro 2
Switching Raspbian to Pixel desktop

September 16 2017

The state of open source accelerated graphics on ARM devices
Petit bilan de Rawhide, épisode 5, septembre 2017
Randa Report Part 2
Fun with fonts
Website and portfolio design
Internationalization Track at Flock 2017
UX Hiring Process investigation ongoing
Flock 2017 event report
Flock 2017: trip report

September 15 2017

Discussion about the greenwave tool.
Flock 2017
Discussion about the future of fedmsg.
Fedora User Wiki
4 cool new projects to try in COPR
PSA: If you had dnf-automatic enabled and updated to Fedora 26, it probably stopped working

September 14 2017

Flock 2017@Cape Cod
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