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March 28 2017

GdMainBox — the new content-view widget in libgd
Fedora 26 Supplementary Wallpapers: Vote now!
Valkyrie - one year.
The journalctl command.
Fedora Activity Day, Bangalore 2017
Remember kids, if you're going to disclose, disclose responsibly!
Episode 39 - Flash on your dishwasher

March 27 2017

Building IoT enabled power-strip with MicroPython and NodeMCU
I wonder if vid posts forward through properly....
Customize Packages for Atomic Host : Ansible Automation
Using cloud-init to initialize Fedora Cloud VMs on oVirt
Arranging Install Fest 2017

March 26 2017

Setting up a 6in4 tunnel with Fedora

March 25 2017

Pine64 + USB drive
[Fedora 26] NetworkManager update mach WLAN unbenutzbar
Easy qemu commandline passthrough with virt-xml
MUA++ (or on to thunderbird)

March 24 2017

Factory 2, Sprint 13
Factory 2, Sprint 12
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