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June 15 2017

Fedora 26 Atomic/Cloud Test Day June 20th
Updated F25-20170614 Lives Released
Bay and Cherry Trail kernel improvements in 4.12
Testing modules and containers with Modularity Testing Framework
Release of the latest candidates of dnf stack for Fedora 26

June 14 2017

Croissants, Qatar and a Food Computer Meetup in Zurich
3626 f12a
Why i3blocks doesn’t show battery in status bar on Fedora?
PyLadies Pune Meetup - June 2017
PyLadies Pune 2017 June meetup
Using the latest syslog-ng on Turris Omnia
Quick tip: calculator in the Fedora Workstation overview
VMware's favorite login form

June 13 2017

Fedora 26 Beta est disponible !
Announcing the Release of Fedora 26 Beta
DORS/CLUC 2017 event report

June 12 2017

libdb-5.3.28-21 kann rpm Datenbank unbrauchbar machen
On dm-verity and operating systems
Episode 51 - All about CVE
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