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August 14 2017

Fedora Classroom Session 4
Downloading all the 78rpm rips at the Internet Archive
RHEL 7.4 multimedia packages and Skype repository removal
Summer 2017 Red Hat Intern Expo
FESCo Elections: Interview with Till Maas (till)
Slice of Cake #18
Benchmarking small file performance on distributed filesystems
Installing FreeIPA with an Active Directory subordinate CA
radv on SI and CIK GPU - update

August 13 2017

Patternfly User Dropdown
But that's not my job!

August 12 2017

FESCo Elections: Interview with Dominik Mierzejewski (rathann)
Confirming Fedora and GNOME presence in INFOSOFT 2017
Code coverage from Nightmare.js tests
All systems go

August 11 2017

There are scheduled downtimes in progress
What is Querki?
Fedora August 2017 election change
Upgrading Fedora 25 to Fedora 26
How to upgrade from Fedora 25 Atomic Host to 26
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