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July 17 2017

Encrypting drives with LUKS
Southeast Linux Fest (SELF) 2017 Ambassadors report
Enhancing smart backups with Duply
Bilan mensuel de la documentation francophone de Fedora-fr.org, numéro 1
Closing the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017
Fedora and GNOME at the Marine

July 16 2017

Video: Nested, nested KVM in Fedora 26
Thinkpad T440s in Fedora
Flatpak und Snap sind nicht die Lösung des Problems, sondern machen es noch schlimmer
Xfce: iBus Daemon automatisch starten
Install Play it Slowly with Flatpak
Getting Fedora 26
Fedora 26 Release Party Novi Sad

July 15 2017

Fedora 26 + i3 + tilda + tmux combo!!!
qemu/kvm libvirt and trim with Fedora 25
Google startup program .
oh-my-zsh in Fedora

July 14 2017

Fedora 26 server 64bit - tested VM.
Open Source Summit Japan
OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania)
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