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April 27 2017

Boring rpm tricks
FCAIC in the House, part III
FCAIC in the House, part III
Endpoint visibility and monitoring using osquery and syslog-ng

April 26 2017

Compiling / Playing NetHack 3.6.0 on Fedora
Keybase on Fedora: crypto for everyone
New badge: Red Hat Summit 2017 !

April 25 2017

Flock Cod Registration Form Design
Encrypt all the Fedora Project
Reverse engineering ComputerHardwareIds.exe with winedbg
7269 7122
Brightness control doesn’t work in i3wm
How many disks can you add to a (virtual) Linux machine?
Fedora Installation Workshop in Ranchi
Red Hat job opening for Linux Graphics stack developer
Continúa trabajando con Linux. Sin Linux no tendrás futuro: Estudio.
FSFE Fellowship Representative, OSCAL'17 and other upcoming events
Episode 44 - Bug Bounties vs Pen Testing
QElectroTech on the road to 0.6
FLISoL 2017 | Panamá
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