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Setting up rygel on your Fedora system


I’ve been trying to get rygel to work on my system. It’s been slightly difficult since it uses a dynamic port by default and you need to open these ports each time you want to use a client over the network. At the moment, the firewall-config GUI doesn’t mention rygel in the list, and the rygel docs don’t tell you what ports you need to open. There’s a bug with a patch filed, but I’m not really sure what’s going on with it. I got it to work today and here’s how:

Install the required packages:

[ankur@ankur-pc ~]$ sudo yum install rygel tumbler gupnp-av-devel

Tumbler is a dbus thumbnailer. If you don’t install it, rygel gives an error saying a dbus thumbnailer isn’t available. It also gives an error saying it couldn’t find “/usr/share/gupnp-av/didl-lite-v2.xsd”, and the gupnp-av-devel package provides this. I’ve got to look into both these and see if they should be required by rygel by default. Any way, moving on:

Copy the configuration file:

[ankur@ankur-pc ~]$ cp /etc/rygel.conf ~/.config/rygel.conf

Modify the config file. For example, I enabled the tracker plugin since I’m on gnome3. An important change is to use a fixed port, so you always know which one needs to be opened in your firewall. I randomly picked 65530. You can pick any that isn’t already reserved.

[ankur@ankur-pc ~]$ vim ~/.config/rygel.conf
# Make modifications
# The port to run HTTP server on. 0 means dynamic.
# Other modifications

Open your firewall ports:

You need to open the UDP 1900 and the 65530 TCP port:

[ankur@ankur-pc ~]$ sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=1900/udp
sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=65530/tcp
[ankur@ankur-pc ~]$ sudo firewall-cmd --list-ports
1900/udp 65530/tcp

(or use the firewall-config GUI)

That should be enough. Totem will show it up in the sidebar. I tested it with a wdtv box and my android phone too (There are many dlna clients available in the play store).



I haven’t been able to get VLC to use it though. I’ll look into it sometime later and see if I can diagnose it. Hope this helps!

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